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Who am I?

Born in 1973, mother of 3 wonderful children.

Graduated form Hebrew University with BSc in pharmacy and an MA in Genetics

I have always been fascinated by drawing and began to draw from the days when I can remember.

I studied 3 years in The School of Art Hamidrasha Beit Berl College. Participated in workshop for kibutz artists and for the past 8 years I have been attending continuing workshops of various artists in Israel.

On big oil paintings, I constantly search the answer to the question What is beauty? in various environments: intimacy of home or in the everyday settings.

I search, ponder, and try to find my personal interpretation to such a complex question.

My art covers numbers of paths that deal with diverse themes. Each theme relates to the question of beauty.

The first, deals with in the intimacy of home, family hierarchy and the interaction between mother, children and siblings. A soft touch a strong loving brace and support from each other.

The second path deals with the seductive beauty of flowers where hierarchy also exists. The petals are depended on one another and held tightly together much like siblings do. Once one petal separates, it is no longer part of the family.

The third path is dance. Dancers, create an interaction between themselves and

their surroundings. The hierarchical structure is in the performance and between the

dancers. They integrate space and their role as dancers. They desire, to cling unto

each other yet separate at the same time.

Above all, I continue to question beauty. What is my interpretation to the concept of beauty is it restrictive or just soft and pleasant? Does beauty enable us to be free yet part of a bigger family?

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